Peptides for Over 40s

Getting Ahead of the Game with Peptides for Over 40s

Your 40s, 50s and above can be your best decade. You’re more established and wiser. If you’re doing things right, you are far happier as a man or woman. But that does not necessarily mean your body is not about to undergo some exciting changes. Keep reading to find more information.

Whether those changes are for better or for worse, they are a matter of perspective. You can become more capable of lessening adverse effects that they may have on your life.

One of the changes that you can see over the 40s is more pronounced wrinkles. As we age, our skin gets drier, less elastic, thinner, less able to generate after a serious damage. By the time we reach the 40s and above, this aging leads to creases, wrinkles, and lines on the skin.

All of these things sound a terrible news. But don’t worry there are many skincare products to count on and trust. One of those is peptides. Of course, you have heard about it during your search of beauty stuff on the internet. But what are peptides?

Peptides: A Brief Overview

Peptides have gained popularity as a powerful and effective anti-aging tool. They are chains of amino acids that serve as building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are organic compounds that form proteins. They are made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and other elements. They have a variety of functions. They give proteins strong structure, transport nutrients, and send signals to all cells.

As amino acids link together, they form chains, which are called peptides. These can be either short or long. When they form a longer chain of amino acids, they serve as a building block of proteins. Proteins, on the other hand, make up the body’s tissue, skin, and organs. And one of the essential skin proteins is collagen. It’s estimated that 75% of your skin is known as collagen protein. This means that the collagen can be considered as the foundation of the skin.

One of the reasons why you look youthful at the 30s and below is because you have a high level of collagen production. Collagen is usually found in the middle layer of the skin, known as the dermis. It works with elastin, another protein, to strengthen the skin and bring back its elasticity or firmness.

However, collage production starts to slow down as you reach the age of 40 and above. Surprisingly, it happens sooner than you expect. As you turn at 25, collagen breaks down, that’s why you see wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. From there, you lose about one percent of collagen every year.

Aside from that, other factors lower collagen production. These are too much sun exposure and smoking. Tobacco smoke and Ultraviolet light activate enzymes that degrade healthy collagen fibers. These can chew up the skin elastic tissue and collagen, resulting in age-related damages.

Orally taking peptides is an excellent way to boost our collagen stores. Whether you take it in powder or pill form, research shows that such supplements reduce wrinkles, increase the density of fibroblasts, improve skin hydration, and promote skin elasticity to name a few.

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