Can Yoga Help with Back Pain?
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Can Yoga Help with Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints brought to a doctor’s attention. Rivalling with mental health issues, back pain plagues around 80% of the adult population. People try to combat back pain with differing methods such as pain relief, heat application or workouts.

One of the most effective workouts for holistic health is yoga. Yoga can help with digestion, sleep and flexibility but can it help with back pain?

Back pain can be caused by a number of things: lack of core muscles, bad posture or underlying health issues. Yoga can certainly help with some of those.

Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain can be very uncomfortable and can be combatted by stretching which there is a lot of in yoga poses. Stretching the thighs in certain yoga poses can help stimulate motion in the pelvis which can only benefit the lower back and minimise pressure put on it. Blood flow can also be created by yoga poses and this can help reduce lower back pain.

When practising yoga, you are often encouraged to breath deeply and slowly as sometimes when people exercise they stop focusing on their breathing. Slow and purposeful breathing promotes circulation throughout body and this circulation will benefit the back as mentioned above.

Yoga can lead to proper posture which can maintain the spine’s natural shape and consequently lessen back pain. We’ll talk more about posture in the next paragraph.

Posture is a big cause of back pain. This is because pressure is put on your spine and pelvis. Misalignment of the spinal discs, problems with muscles and painful joints can accumulate over time due to bad posture. All of this can lead to bad back pain. Performing yoga everyday can encourage good posture as well as improved balance. Furthermore it can align the body and lead to better health as well as decreased back pain.

Back pain can be easily caused by a wrong turn or a poorly planned step or move. When practising yoga or any gentle exercise, you become aware of your own limitations. This awareness is important because you’ll be less likely to put yourself into positions or situations where you may become injured and be left with a bad back.

The cause of back pain is sometimes hard to find and it can become a chronic issue without any obvious reason. When this situation arises, yoga can be there to train the brain in order to see the pain in a different light.

Yoga is a spiritual experience as well as a physical challenge. Helping to teach your mind to channel the pain in a healthy way may help to reduce how much it bothers you. Some people go as far to claim that certain back pain sensations are caused by the brain such as by anxiety, stress or extreme emotions. If this is the case in certain circumstances then yoga can help to combat this.

Ultimately, yoga is for chronic and gentle pain. It is helpful for strengthening the body and training your mind to understand your pain. If you are in more extreme pain you should always consult a medical professional.

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