Can Running Make Your Face Look Saggy?

Can Running Make Your Face Look Saggy?

Can Running Make Your Face Look Saggy?

Running makes a person young, but could it make you look old? Whether you believe it or not, some individuals think athletes are susceptible to “runner’s face” – old, elastic jowls, and saggy skin as a result of too much bouncing.

When a person loses a lot of weight, they will notice some of the weight will come from their face. The weight loss in their face can make wrinkles, and hollow become more visible. Such cosmetic problems were there before running, and being active doesn’t make the skin less elastic. For that reason, running could be the culprit of premature aging in some way. Exercise outside with no appropriate sun protection causes brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

The truth is that it is sun exposure and not the movement, which can result in visible indications of moving. While exercise which includes running, might hypothetically cause some damage to the elastic fibers of the skin due to the oxidative stress, regularly employing a running program might enhance the appearance of your skin.

Did you know that running might benefit your skin by increasing the defenses of the body against free radicals, enhancing circulation, lowering stress and eliminating toxins? Using sunscreen and keeping well-hydrated can help you prevent sagging facial skin connected to running and other exercises.

What is the Connection Between Sun Damage and Running?

Running might indirectly cause the facial skin to lose elasticity because of too much sun exposure. In case you didn’t know yet, exposure to UV light breaks down the elastin fibers and skin collagen. That causes sagging and premature wrinkles. When you run outdoors frequently, you must take some precautions to safeguard your facial skin from the aging impacts of sun exposure.

Stay away from the sun between noon and 4 in the afternoon when the rays of the sun are the strongest. Make sure that you always use protective clothing when in the sun. This includes wide-brimmed hats and wears sunscreen at all times. What’s more, your sunscreen must be broad-spectrum, applied 30 minutes before going outdoors and re-applied evenly every 2 hours and after massive sweating. HIFU Milton Keynes Can help with saggy facials

Things to Consider

Sun exposure and oxidative damage connected to running might pose some dangers to the skin elasticity. However, exercise also offers a lot of benefits. You see, exercise can enhance the look of your skin with enhanced circulation, stress relief, detoxification and promotion of cell renewal.

Most importantly, regular exercise – at least 75 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise or 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity benefits your overall health.

Tips to Avoid Sagging Skin

Sagging facial skin is a natural stage of the aging process. Nevertheless, following specific skincare measures can help runners like you prevent skin issues connected to exercise. Increasing your daily water intake together with your physical activity is crucial for moisturizing the skin. It will help the body eliminate toxins, and stopping sagging skin which accompanies typically weight loss.

Moreover, eating five (5) servings of veggies and fruits daily might help fight some of the damaging impacts of free radicals. Make sure that you utilize detoxifying face wipes after exercise to eliminate toxins from sweat and oil. You can also include yoga to your exercise regimen to lessen your levels of skin-aging hormones.

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